David has not sought to become licensed to take instructions under the Direct Access Rules and accordingly only takes instructions in the traditional way through solicitors.

His work is exclusively in the criminal courts where he is available for defending briefs in all areas of crime and for all levels of gravity and complexity commensurate with his very lengthy experience and call.

His availability will of course be dependent on his diary commitments but it will also be subject to the time available before trial for the perusal of case papers and preparation of pre-trial written work and preparation for the conduct of the defence at trial. This will be dependent on the complexity and volume of the documentation, the need to obtain additional evidence and documents, the co-operation of the prosecution authority and of any third parties from whom requisite information or evidence must be obtained. These factors will also determine how long it may take to prepare for trial readiness on the assumption that David will be available to take the case, given the amount of work it involves and the time available for its completion.


Professional and lay clients who feel aggrieved or dissatisfied by David’s performance in the conducting of any case in which he has been instructed are invited to write to him setting out the nature and grounds of their complaint. The Legal Ombudsman’s website gives guidance on what may constitute poor performance. David undertakes to respond in writing with reasonable promptitude and in any event within eight weeks but if he has failed to do so within that period or his reply is not considered to provide a satisfactory explanation or answer to the complaint the aggrieved person may refer the complaint to the Legal Ombudsman free of charge but must do so within 6 months of David’s final response. The website explains how to make a complaint to the “legal service provider” (that is, David) and a referral to the Legal Ombudsman.

For comprehensive information on complaints and the working of the Legal Ombudsman go to:

David’s professional address:
Ridgeway Chambers

General Council of the Bar of England and Wales Chambers Number 6473, 4 & 6 The Ridgeway - Golders Green - London - NW11 8TB - United Kingdom

David Wolchover's e-mail address is:
+44 (0)20 8455 2939
+44 (0)7877 817138